Galvanization – Decorative Gold Plating and Nickel Plating

In order to ensure compliance with the high quality requirements of our production programme, in 2005, we put into operation our own galvanizing plant within our factory in Laktaši, BiH. Thus, we have finally facilitated the reproducibility and a high-quality surface protection of our products and created the conditions for offering services of nickel plating and gilding.

Our speciality are large items of up to 800 x 450 x 600 mm and a high attention to detail. In our factory, we also carry out the polishing, which in principle is a preparation for galvanizing. If you are interested in the galvanization of ornamental objects, please do not hesitate to contact us!

What is galvanization?

Electroplating (also known as galvanization) of metal is a procedure to apply a thin layer of another metal on the surface of an item. We carry out decorative nickel and gold plating in order to protect the surface against corrosion and to improve its aesthetics; therefore, this technology is mainly used for various ornamental articles. Metals suitable for galvanization are steel, brass, bronze and copper. Due to the thinness of the coating applied by galvanization, the pre-treatment of the surface is of decisive importance for the final aesthetic quality.

In most cases, the galvanized surface is expected to have a high shine, which can be achieved by previous polishing. In our galvanizing plant, we use a suspension technique, attaching the items to mounts. This technique is particularly suitable for decorative galvanization because it prevents contact between the items and the quality of the finishing remains intact.

Gold plating

Our experiences relate not only the decorative gilding of roulette parts, but also to other gold plating services. Gilding of crosses and other ecclesiastical objects, gilding of large chandeliers and gilding of musical instruments are only some examples of the decorative gold plating that we have been carrying out.

Nickel plating

We not only nickel plate brass and steel surfaces for the requirements of our own production programme, but we also offer it as a service. Nickel platings of musical and medical instruments are examples for the nickel plating services that we offer at competitive prices.

The prices for gold and nickel plating depend on the surface, but also on other parameters such as geometry, size and, of course, quantity. If you are interested in the price for the galvanization of your item, please send us an inquiry.